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Gemma Roe the brand has evolved out of designer and founder, Gemma Roe’s love of art, nature, culture and travel. It has taken years of devotion for Gemma to create her ‘dream shoes’ and accessories. Shoes that entice all the senses. Gemma’s love of rainbows and colourful things are a key element of her creations. Gemma is a believer in dreaming big and following your dreams - just like she did.

We are all on our own journey - much like the caterpillar, to cocoon, and then finally becoming a beautiful butterfly.

Born in a small village in rural Warwickshire, England with a hunger and drive for a more adventurous and colourful life, Gemma followed her heart and her curiosity and experienced living in Barcelona, London, Florence and Milan, soaking up all she could about art, craftsmanship and design before settling back in London to launch her brand with passion.

Gemma chose Italy for shoemaking as there is no place like it in the world for luxury footwear and accessories. A balance of statement-wear and chic, femininity, Italy is the perfect location to realise her colourful creations. Gemma ‘s debut collection was made in Florence, and now in Southern Italy with suppliers all over Italy. The tropical paradise island of Ischia, where Gemma’s main factory is based, just minutes from the beach is the perfect backdrop for Gemma’s fresh and exotic designs. The Italian craftsmanship inspires Gemma everyday in the way product is made with such love and passion.

Gemma Roe’s are made for modern day Cinderellas!

Since the brand’s inception, Gemma has designed versatile shoes and accessories that make a statement. The brand is becoming known for disrupting the fashion footwear and accessories industry with it’s unexpected use of material, technique and balanced colours. The bespoke program launched in London allowing customers the ability to personalise their shoes, bags and charms by selecting the style, colour, material and wording (for charms). The bespoke service has been well received by celebrities and influencers alike.

We are committed to sharing the traditional artisanal craftsmanship with innovative techniques.
Gemma Roe