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The ‘ISLAND DREAMS’ collection is inspired by sunsets, the island of Ischia and the subtropical and mediterranean oasis of Giardini La Mortella (Place of Myrtles), a ‘hidden gem’ garden on the Island of Ischia, Italy, where Gemma’s shoes are made.

Designed and made with a love of colours and nature - dragonflies, hummingbirds, exotic plants and flowers - and incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship, Island Dreams exudes femininity, flair and dreams of faraway places.

The ‘hidden gem’ on every sole is a gold encased Swarovski aurora rainbow crystal gemstone, symbolic of vitality and the ‘luminescence of life’ - a jewel to adorn every wearer. Immaculately crafted in Italy from luxury leathers and finishings - every pair is to be treasured, and celebrated.

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